Friday, December 15, 2017

Day 16 last day in Sydney. Return home.

Another slow start for our final day in Sydney. Today is somewhat overcast with possible showers predicted later in the afternoon. Thankful for a cooler day as we are generally wearing our heavier gear in expectation of a cooler Toowoomba.

After quick checkout we park the car at the Novotel and went looking for post office to post Peter and Anja’s gifts which we found 10 minutes away in Parker Street.

A quick breakfast at “Capitol Square” nearby. A technology parkπŸ˜ƒ!

After breakfast we returned to the power house Museum.

Many displays, so many we really do them justice in terms of time.

After lunch we drove dodge-ems again to the airport, with minimal issue. 

Check-in was thankfully quick and security generally easy going. We found our gate at the “back of beyond” (gate 19). There is only 19 domestic gates πŸ˜•, so clearly Toowoomba flights are very low priority.

We board 4:35pm daylight saving time, take off 4:55pm and arrive in Toowoomba at 5:30pm AEST after 1 hour 35 minutes flight time.

Our flight went smoothly despite a 30 minute delay on the ground. Kym collected us from airport and spent several hours unpacking. 

We joyed our holiday but happy to be home.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Day 15 - Sydney 

Slow morning which has been nice. With a late breakfast or early lunch on Quay Street.

Checked out what was at the Power House Museum.  May be before departure tomorrow.

We wandered down to Darling Harbour to take a ferry.

On the ferry.

Arrival at Circular Quay 

Walk around the Rocks area.

Back to Circular Quay 

Return to Darling Harbour.

A visit to National Maritime Museum while Jacqueline and Melissa purchased a phone cable. The Museum had a WW2 Darling Class Destroyer, a Collins class submarine, a 1880s era tall ship and replica of the HMS Endeavour. Sadly we couldn’t visit them due to time constraints.

Inside the Museum. The American Navy Display on loan to the Museum, celebrated the Australian and American Alliance.

Late afternoon we returned “the fast way” back to our apartment. It took half the time to get back to our apartment than our original route. 

For dinner we met up again with James, Elessa and Lily. We dined at the Novotel were we have memberships.

After a eventful and enjoyable day, we went back our apartment to once again pack for the final leg of our trip to home.

Despite a wonderful action packed holiday, we are keen to get home. The old saying of “there is no place like home” is true for us.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Day 14 - Sydney 

Today we move apartment to get what we requested, hopefully it won’t be a backward step. 

We slept generally well last night except a wake up at 3am which fits with a 7am Hawaiian wake up. We got back to sleep eventually which was good. Today appears like a pleasant day, so look forward to exploring the city with Jacqueline.

First stop Sydney’s Paddy’s Markets (Market City).

A Brief explore before lunch.

Lunch specials at Thai Terrace.

Our return to the new apartment was pleasant as it was fair better shape than the original. Happy πŸ˜ƒ.

After lazy afternoon, we caught up with Elessa, James and Lily.

Elessa agreed to Jacqueline doing her hair. 

Some more dodge-ems in Sydney traffic, we returned to our unit.  Tomorrow, we explore the harbour area and perhaps if Cos is good see a Museum!!! πŸ˜‰